Caring for Our Community

The Beacon Hill Community Tuckerbox is up and running. One of the best things about our school is the sense of community. We want to truly live up to our motto as “The Friendly School”. The purpose of the Community Tuckerbox is to show support and kindness to families who are suffering through bereavement, illness or difficult times. The Tuckerbox will deliver a hamper of home-made food to families to help ease their pressures.

If you have a friend who is in need of some extra support and may appreciate relief from cooking for the family, please email and let us know, tuckerbox@bhpspc.com. We will send a message out to our network of ‘bakers’ and ask that some family meals be donated for a hamper. The hamper of frozen meals will then be delivered to your friend’s doorstep. This is completely confidential, only the Tuckerbox Coordinator (Mel Manning) will know the names of hamper recipients.

If you are interested in being added to our distribution list of ‘bakers’, please let us know tuckerbox@bhpspc.com. Those on the list are under no obligation to provide food at any particular time, but you are welcome to donate whenever suits you and we will store food in the canteen freezer or cupboards. We will provide you with some simple guidelines for baking and packaging the food, and you can pick up freezer containers from the office. Donations of family meals are particularly welcome, but some lunchbox treats, or desserts might also be nice!