P & C Meetings

Each month the P&C holds a meeting in the school Library.  The meeting is always in the second week of the month (during term time) and the details are posted in the Beacon and on the Skoolbag App.  You can also see the upcoming meetings on the events calendar.

Everyone is welcome to attend the meetings and have an input into the school.  In order to vote on a matter you must be a member of the P&C which involves handing over a shiny $1 coin!

We try to keep the meetings to a time limit of 1 hour – however from time-to-time, the meetings can go longer when there is the need.  The meetings are also minuted and the minutes published below.

Current Beacon Hill Executive:

President: Jonathan Sharp

Vice President: Sally Bate

Vice President: Hannah Creelman

Treasurer: Sarah Garland

Secretary: Alex King

Proud Supporters of Beacon Hill P&C

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