Roll up, roll up…

First of all we want to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who came to the fair, everyone that slid down the big slide or climbed the rock wall! THANK YOU to everyone who bought a pulled pork roll or tried to win a prize at the SideShow Alley clown heads!

THANK YOU to the businesses who hosted a market stall or sponsored an attraction. THANK YOU to everyone who baked a cake, bought a raffle ticket or supported their child in their performance on the stage.

A massive THANK YOU to the 200+ volunteers who manned a ride, cooked at the BBQ, organised a section of the fair, sold tickets, looked after the traffic, made announcements, carried a radio, sold sushi, provided first aid, picked up litter, designed posters, ran to the mall to do an emergency shop, took part in the working bee to help show off our amazing school grounds, helped set up, stuck around to pack up, painted faces, phoned suppliers and performers, organised the fire trucks, sat in a room alone counting money and making change, ran cables and tested the sound, arrived before the sun was up and left well after the sun went down.

THANK YOU to the teachers and staff who helped out, hung around all day, got dunked and were on standby for first aid and to help where needed.

THANK YOU for helping the P&C put on this huge event which raised money for the school but also brought together our fantastic communtity and really showed everyone what a fantastic school we have. Even Michael Regan, the Warringah Mayor came, had a sausage and was said what a great event it was.

The last thing any of are thinking about is planning another fair, but of course, at some point in the future we will want to do it all again! The tired legs and sore feet today are a reminder that it will be a few years before we take on anything like it soon, we do want your feedback so we can pass it on to the next team and make each fair bigger and better.

So we have created a quick survey – it is anonymous and quick to complete but will help when planning the next event.

Image gallery – please send you pics to so they can be added to the gallery.

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