to the Beacon Hill Public School Parents and Citizens Association (P&C)

Proud supporters of Beacon Hill P&C

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Supporting our local School

with fundraising, services and community involvment

The P&C is a voluntary group, made up of parents of students at Beacon Hill Public School and Teachers.  Our P&C is an inclusive and dynamic group and we love new ideas! Our aims are: to build and strengthen the relationship between parents and the school; to provide the school with a Uniform Shop, Canteen & Band Program; to arrange fun events which create a sense of community at our school; and to organize fund raising initiatives which will contribute to our school with the aim to reach Every Child, Every Classroom.

Current Beacon Hill Executive:

President: Jonathan Sharp

Vice President: Sally Bate

Vice President: Hannah Creelman

Treasurer: Sarah Garland

Secretary: Alex King

Proud Supporters of Beacon Hill P&C

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